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About the author Clive Stocker

Clive Stocker and the education and musical expertise behind the Confident Performer series

Clive Stocker BA MA PGCE (MUSIC) is the author of the Confident Performer Books
and CD series. Having been a teacher and lecturer in music education for 21 years and been an active performer for over 25 years, Clive has developed confident performer techniques
through his work with musicians of all ages. Starting out as a very nervous performer himself, he developed strategies to overcome his fear of performance through studying what worked for other musicians and what helped nervous performers to become confident musicians. Working closely with Tessa Kirby, he also studied the effects of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques on musicians and started to incorporate this into his own teaching and coaching.

In his performing career, Clive has played classical piano, Blues and Jazz piano and has sung everything from Opera and musicals in solo and group performances. He has conducted choirs and bands for over 20 years. His breadth of knowledge and experience is reflected in the books and CD programmes and musicians from all styles will benefit from reading the Confident Performer Book.

With a wealth of professional teaching experience and solid educational philosophy, the confident performer methods and techniques are surprisingly simple and straight forward. Clive was very annoyed by long drawn out learning experiences and he wanted to create a book which could be used as a quick reference manual or be read cover to cover. Not being an enthusiastic reader himself, he was keen to write a book for the lazy musician!

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More about the How to become a confident performer book

Do you struggle with performance nerves?

Do you find you lack musical confidence?

Are you looking for quick-fix, no-nonsense tips and
solutions to get you performing confidently?

If the answer to any of those questions is YES, then this book and CD is for you.
How to Become a Confident Performer will help you with:

● Playing in public confidently
● How to learn music from memory
● Tips for sight-reading
● Building your bullet-proof support mechanism for performance
● Preparing for a performance
● Thinking and feeling good about the music you play
● How to deal with musical egos
● How to be confident in the studio
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Who wrote the Confident Performer Book?

Experienced teacher and music practitioner Clive Stocker MA, BA PGCE has coached musical performers for 15 years. He has gathered a massive range of techniques and exercises to improve confidence and ability dramatically. Three of Clive’s students have now been signed by major Record Labels.

How is it different?

Many self-help books lead us to believe that overcoming nerves
as a musical performer, takes considerable time and effort.
Clive has found that musicians want and need quick-fix solutions. In the book, there are many practical solutions focusing around the inspiration of music, which change the way we think and feel and dramatically reduce nerves. With a range of easy-to apply techniques, musicians can expand their performance opportunities overnight.

What does the book cover?

With quick-fix solutions in mind, successful professional practitioners have been interviewed, all of whom have overcome significant problems with nerves. There are chapters which help with sight reading music, memorising scores and practising for accurate and stress free performances. This book will go beyond the scope of other books exploring subconscious learning techniques and how to exploit motor memory for a calm performance. All are reinforced with the latest Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques. Exclusive to this website, is the Performer Toolkit Guided Meditation Toolkit Audio
CD  programme. Simply place the CD in your player
or import to your iPod and you can absorb the
skills your subconscious mind needs to become a calm, sustainable and professional performer. Remember, do not drive or operate machinery whilst listening to this Audio Programme.